“Style is the dress of thoughts, and a well-dressed thought, like a well-dressed man, appears to great advantage.”
(Lord Chesterfield)

LUCA BERTELLI turns its attenction to a dynamic gentleman, sophisticated but sport-loving, who never gives up fashion and comfort in every moment of the day. The man who loves “Luca Bertelli” is a perfectionist of the look and very careful with details. He is an eternal quest of the perfect equilibrium that makes his style authentic and never banal.

“The history of fashion is and will always be the story of our life plans, is and will always be the story of how we were and how we will and would be”
(A.C. Quintavalle)

After a long experience in the family store and guided-by their passion for fashion, the Paparusso brothers founded the company PAPARUSSO DIFFUSIONE in 1978.

At first, they commercialized the male clothing alla round the region. In a second moment, the brothers, supporters of the MADE IN ITALY concept, gave voice to their idea of fashion by cooperating with local providers, leading them to create real “capsule”.

The time of challenges was 2011.
The Brand of LUCA BERTELLI was born tank to the know-how acquired and the desire of the brothers to define and express their own identity. Nowadays, the brand LUCA BERTELLI is controlled in each stage by the new generation, where experience, dynamism and passion live together.